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Intense physical exertion can be a portal to other dimensions

I’ve been a wellness coach and an adventure guide for almost three decades and have taken myself and my clients to some pretty amazing and extreme places… Whether it’s biking up #Haleakala crater in #Maui, climbing #Kilimanjaro or maybe just an intense set of hill sprints at the park, like I did this morning; All of these have the ability to increase the threshold of your human #performance, but also take you to places that most people will never see. I’m not just talking about pretty views, I’m talking about #portals to other #dimensions.
You are made up of #atoms (something I think we can all agree on) and atoms are vortexes of pure energy and #limitless #potential. ⚛️
These little atoms can build everything from rocks to the squishy stuff inside your body, like your liver or your brain…
Let’s go back to our #science and #physics books in grade school. Atoms, you see are 99.99999 percent #space and pure #energy, yet a very, very miniscule amount of so-called “mass”.
In fact, those #electrons that we saw in our textbooks as a nice little black dot, have never been seen. We have evidence that they exist, so we gave them a name… Those little electrons don’t travel around in neat little circles like they did in our textbooks, they exist anywhere at any time inside that atom. They exist in pure potentiality (superposition of several eigenstates) and the only time that they seem to appear as a particle is when we observe them (collapsing the wave function).
Again, they seem to exist as a pure energy wave and only appear as a particle upon observation…
Pause here for a moment (or a week) and think about that.
These pure little energy #vortexes (atoms) are what you are made of…
Many physicists believe that these little energy vortexes inside of our body contain miniature black holes that are portals to other #dimensions… I have traveled through some of these portals in deep, deep meditative states. Although there is another way that I have activated them and also helped some of my clients do the same. I’ve noticed, over the years that taking my body to physical extremes, such as climbing a very high altitude Mountain with very little oxygen and or intense exercise that literally pushes my body beyond what most humans think they can do, puts me in what I can best describe as a hyper gamma state of existence. Kind of like when the Road Runner pushes that Anvil off the cliff onto the coyotes head and he is spinning with little birds chirping around his head, lol 🙂 Yes, I see the swirling, I see the stars and the flashes of light, but I literally feel like I’ve got one foot in this Dimension and one foot Beyond the Veil… This feeling can last for several hours or if I’m in a remote location like Kilimanjaro or the savannahs of Africa, it can last for days until it’s interrupted. I also, always notice that this is like leveling up in my spirituality. After these experiences, everything in my physical world changes, just a little bit. My meditations get more intense and I find that it is easier to drop into walking and awakened deep states of #meditation 🕉️.
Long story short, I have found that taking your body to #extreme states of physical exhaustion through physical exertion can lead to some pretty epic spiritual experiences…
There are many, many tools out there for experiencing your energetic body, this is just one of them that I have found to be extremely profound for me.
Keep looking, keep searching, the journey is amazing, we have #magicalbodies and live in a magical world!

I had the most amazing, healing meditation today

Up early, at the gym, waiting for my client to arrive. 30 minutes later, I realized that they probably slept through their alarm, which usually means they were catching up on some much-needed rest. Expensive rest, but much-needed 🙂
I had already stretched and did a few exercises, but lately, I haven’t been very motivated to be in the gym. I have been more motivated to be outside, in nature. With this in mind, I left the gym and headed for a short drive up to the mountains by my home for a hike up to one of my favorite small Mountain Lakes. The closer I got to the trailhead, the more intense my emotions became as though I couldn’t get to that Lake soon enough!
As I started the hike, I could feel an intense energy overcome me and I literally felt as though I was walking into another dimension. I felt as though I was a piece of silly putty and some larger Force was molding me and folding me inside out, again and again and again. The further up the trail, the more intense this emotion and feeling, as I just went with it, without judgment and fully enjoyed this amazing, feeling and moment in time.
As I got up to the lake, I found my favorite bench in the shade, overlooking the lake and was excited that no one was there and even more interesting, there seemed to be almost no one else on the trail or around, making it extra peaceful and quiet this morning.
As I sat on the bench, I dropped, almost immediately into a deep state of relaxation and my mind started to travel beyond this dimension.
At one point during my meditation as I was just observing Energies swirling as I drifted through the cosmos, I saw a vision as though I was looking through my eyes and I could see my hands touching someone else’s forearms in front of me.
I was gently holding energy points on their forearms and helping them learn to circulate their Chi. After sometime of watching the energy circulate into a Vortex between our arms, I realized that I was actually working on myself and that both of these figures in my vision wear me! (Years ago, after my divorce, I developed some emotional blocks in my forearms that were very debilitating. I was told by several wise Souls that it was from, the feeling of failure and not being able to hold on to my children).

At that exact moment, I heard a small russel in the leaves of the scrub oak tree behind me and heard something bounce off two branches before leaping from the tree and hitting me on top of the head, lol!
while still in my meditation, I smiled ear-to-ear and had comical visions of Isaac Newton sitting under the apple tree. As I gently came out of my meditation I looked up and around me and realized that there were no trees above my head and that the small Oak that this Acorn had come from was several feet behind me, so that Acorn had to bounce twice on different branches and then leap off the tree perfectly to hit me square on top of the head!
At that point I opened my eyes to realize where I was, because normally during meditations in nature, I check out so completely that I forget where I am and when I come back it’s like I’m Awakening into a whole new experience. As I looked behind me to the tree, I noticed a large granite rock, sitting under the tree, almost begging me to come sit on it. With a complete childlike Joy, literally like a kid playing by the lake, I went back and sat on Top of the Rock in the shade, overlooking the lake. At this point, I closed my eyes and literally felt a motherly like love from this huge granite rock, like Mother Earth was giving me a hug and welcoming me back, like she had missed me deeply.
I quickly, dropped into another deep state of euphoria that could have lasted hours or minutes, I don’t know. All of the sudden, a bird started chirping. A bird that I have never heard before up there. Its chirp actually turned into what sounded like a tone, with a steady beat, almost like the steady ping coming from a submarine. as I sat deeply drifting in my meditation, observing the waves of energy pulsing throughout my body, it appeared and sounded as though that steady beacon was coming from deep inside my head at the base of my brain. It’s as though that Beacon was sending a steady signal to all of my cells in my body to wake up and deeper signals that I couldn’t fully understand as it traveled into my past and was healing a dormant part of me that I had suppressed long long ago. As I just sat and internally observed this shift, I could see that a deeper part of me had just been healed. I didn’t ask what it was, I just sent it love and let it slowly drift away as that space was then filled with this deep, nurturing love from Mother Earth.
As I slowly came back into my body and awareness of the beauty around me, I walked back to the bench where my water bottle was sitting and noticed the crown of the acorn sitting perfectly, right next to my water bottle. As I picked it up and looked at it, I noticed that it resembled the crown of Buddha…
Hmm, he’s been showing up a lot for me lately…
As I picked up the acorn top and descended down the trail, it served as a gentle reminder that many of the obstacles that are holding us back in life are suppressed emotions that we hold in our body. and also as a deep reminder that we don’t need to hold this emotional baggage and we have the ability to heal ourselves and:

Let that shit go!✨💜

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Stress and your breathing…

Stress has its uses and is what actually causes our genome to adapt, evolve and get stronger!
Although, we’re not meant to remain in the state of chronic stress…
Our amazing and magical body is designed for balance and thrives when it is in homeostasis (a state of balance)…
Our autonomic nervous system is amazing and unbelievably efficient at keeping us safe and managing literally thousands of chemical reactions in the Split Second when we need it. The challenge is, it’s designed to turn on when we need it and off when we don’t. Chronic stress is behind virtually every imbalance and disease in humanity. This happens when our sympathetic nervous system turns on and never actually turns completely off. As opposed to a light switch, we treat it like a rheostat that is always on, just at different varying degrees… Our sympathetic nervous system turns on when an event happens and stays on as long as we keep thinking about that event and often never really gets turned off because we encounter another event that we feel is threatening or we keep imagining threatening events and stay in a state of drama… There are many reasons for this and I find, that often, just explaining these processes to my clients helps them calm down and realize that 95% of their stress is purely in their mind.
We need to remember that a small amount of stress can be okay but living in a state of constant stress keeps our body in a constant state of reaction and breakdown as opposed to rest and healing.
When you feel stressed, take a few minutes to close your eyes, calm down and gently breathe through your nose, to the base of your stomach. This will actually send a signal to your central nervous system that you are not in danger and help relax your body. Give it a try, throughout the day and you will be amazed how much better you will feel. 💜✨🕉️

Your thoughts program your DNA

If my thoughts can program my DNA and my DNA communicates with The Ether, I should control my thoughts because that’s a clear example of how my outside world is formed by my inside world!

All of your cells, including your DNA respond to vibration and sound. Well, actually sound is vibration… Not only do they respond to sound but they respond to feelings and your unique sound vibration is the most powerful programming device for your unique DNA. Your DNA it’s a collection of all of the information from your ancestors but once it becomes you, it is synchronized to you and you are the one that turns it into your unique DNA! You do this through your thoughts, feelings, actions and words. Music is another way to program your DNA. Just music playing in the background is one thing but when you really get into the music and it brings up memories and emotions for you and, especially if you sing along to the music. Your DNA is always watching and listening to you, to learn your uniqueness and continues to program, write and rewrite, every second. They hear you see you and feel you celebrating this sound vibration. That is a sign to them that they should be like this. Do you see what I mean? DNA or like your little children, they don’t get programmed by what you tell them, they get programmed by what they observe see and feel you do, as they begin to emulate you… If a child just hears or sees you listening to music, that’s one thing but if the child Hears A song Come On or a certain type of music and you get excited, radiate happy emotions and start singing and dancing to this song, that’s one of the most powerful signs for a child to download and program that into their DNA! Take a moment and just imagine your child sitting there in a Delta, brain wave, state, completely open and ready to be programmed, just like a brand new computer or brand new phone, it’s waiting for your input and that input will stay there as a running program until it’s changed. It watches you, it waits for your response and it emulates you. Not only that, in that Delta State, the child is so open and ready to receive that it can download your thoughts, feelings, actions and energy!
The programming of our DNA is the strongest when we are children. When we are in that Delta State it’s pure and raw programming, just like programming a motherboard for a computer. Then, as we start to move to that theta state and start to form a little bit of reasoning, that’s when we add all the other software programs on top of that Delta based motherboard. So, as you can see the Delta programs are pretty hardwired and the Theta programming is a little more malleable, although together, they form the personality that you are made of and oftentimes will live with for the rest of your life. Unless, of course, you develop the desire for change and learn information like this. Then, it’s like going to a tech school to learn how to work on and reprogram computers. Now, you have the tools to reprogram your hard drive and install new software! Anyone can do this with the proper knowledge, the proper tools and most importantly, the willingness and desire for change! The stronger of these 3, is desire! Many people have reprogramed their minds with just the desire and will for change! Although, it is much easier and a smoother process with knowledge and the right tools… Anyone can learn this, anyone can do this, just ask me and I will show you 🙂 ⚛️

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~Jason Latas~

You are the CEO of the cells in your body!

I Love working with entrepreneurs to help them achieve peak performance with their bodies so they can transfer that energy into their business. When I do, I often refer to partnering with their body or treating their body like a business…

You see, integrity with your body can be very similar to integrity in business.

Have you ever worked for a CEO, boss or manager that had no integrity? Have you ever had your boss ask you to do things that you didn’t agree with but you had to do it anyway? Were you given the proper tools and guidance to complete the task as expected? Have you ever had a job where you felt overworked and underpaid? Did you respect your boss?

On the other hand, have you ever worked for a boss with integrity, who treated you with respect? You probably worked much harder and were much happier with your job and respected them in return… A CEO with integrity usually has very loyal, happy employees and a thriving business.

Well, you are the CEO, boss and manager to the cells in your body. Every cell in your body has intelligence and is working hard to please you. Do you treat your cells (body) with respect? What are you asking them to do for you? What are you paying (feeding) them? Are you giving them the proper tools and guidance to complete your tasks as needed? Are you praising them? Do they respect you?

Your body wants to perform for you. It wants the very best for you. It gets up early, works hard for very little recognition and does it again and again every day!

Treat your body like a CEO with integrity would treat their employees. Respect it, delegate tasks with integrity, pay it well and it will give you years of loving service.

~Jason Latas~

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6 Fitness and Health Secrets You Must Know

Jason Latas Life Adventures


From the ”Journey to You” Series by Jason Latas 

At Summer Body Now, we believe in a holistic approach to health and wellness. We don’t preach boot-camps, harsh diets or the “no pain, no gain” methods. We believe that whole life wellness is a nice balance between health, fitness and getting to know yourself. It may sound funny but most people don’t know themselves as well as they think… For example, what foods make your body feel better, feel worse, burn fat, store fat, give you energy or bring you down? What time of day is best for you to work out? What body type are you? Why do you get tired about 30 minutes after lunch and want to fall asleep? Figuring out the answers to these questions will help you take a giant leap forward in your quest for…

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Have your Fitness Goals Plateaued?

Were you seeing progress in the beginning and now it has faded or totally hit the brakes? You’re not alone so don’t be discouraged!

You’re body is built for survival and is a master compensator when it comes to change… It’s your body’s job to learn, adapt and overcome, to keep you alive.

You remember when your current routine kicked your butt and you struggled through but that same workout doesn’t seem to push you anymore. Or you were a regular in that class and counted the minutes until it was over but now can crank it out like it’s nothing.

Do you remember the last time you were out of breath during your workout?

Do you do the same routine every time?

Do you workout at the same time every day?

Do you eat the same thing every morning?

Are you doing multiple workouts a day but don’t feel it anymore?

Are you bored with your gym? Studio? Trainer? Routine?

If you do the same routine, every workout, your body will get used to it and settle into the “norm”. If you’re just not feeling it after your workout anymore, it’s called adaptation and it means you need to mix it up and keep your body guessing and “growing”.

Your body will adapt to tasks that you do on a regular basis. This is good because you can learn and become proficient at many things; although if you want your body composition to change, you need to keep changing your routine.

Try a different class, one that challenges you and makes you work. Mix-up your weight routine, mix up your reps etc… I rarely have my clients do the same routine for more than a few workouts and I often mix-up all of their workouts so their body doesn’t know what’s coming and has to adapt to new stimulus.

You can train the same muscle groups, many different ways… Lower the weight and raise your reps – Raise the weight and lower your reps – Use different exercises for the same muscle group – train your muscles from a different angle – Use free weights one day and machines the next… There are so many different variations that you could mix up your workout virtually every time you’re in the gym. The trick is to Just Do It! You will be amazed at how mixing up your routine can bust you out of that rut!

Hook up with me on FB. I’m always glad to answer questions and help out.

~ Jason Latas ~


Wheat Belly

Is it just me or are more and more people becoming sensitive to wheat? Everywhere we look, we see gluten free options and more and more people avoiding the staple grain of our ancestors or grains altogether…

Many people do have Celiac disease, where their bodies cannot assimilate gluten and it actually causes an autoimmune response and other’s that are Gluten intolerant (there is a difference). Although there are more and more people that get a “wheat belly” and inflammation every time they eat wheat. What’s going on?

Well, the wheat we eat today is not the same stuff that our grandparents ate. Back in the 60s and 70s science was out to feed the world (a great cause) and produced wheat that could produce 10 times the traditional yield. It was created through cross breading with wheat and wild grasses from across the world. Thousands of experiments were implemented, using chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers and even radioactivity to produce mutant and hybrid plants.

The challenge is, with every new breed there were minute biochemical changes in the new offspring; small amino acid and protein changes that were though to be of no concern to human health. Amylopectin is one of those “small changes”. It’s a starch that will, not only spike your blood sugar but stimulate your appetite. Gliadin is another (gluten) protein found in modern wheat and is also an appetite stimulant that will actually stimulate your brain’s opiate sensors! Even the Gluten in today’s wheat is slightly different than that of the old ancient grains…

If you get “Wheat Belly” when you eat wheat or other grains, you should educate your self about the difference between Gluten Intolerance and actual Celiac disease.

This is a great, in-depth Video explain:

As for me, I’m just going to skip the wheat and keep my grains to a minimum…

To your Health




High Protein, Gluten Free, Pre-Workout Pancakes

This has to be one of my favorite pre-workout, breakfast meals! It’s fast, easy, high protein, nutrient dense and gluten free.

This recipe is for one large pancake and you can simply double or adjust the recipe for more…

Main Ingredients:

One medium sized, soft, mashed banana

¼ cup of rolled oatsMyCollage_0

2 eggs

Coconut oil


½ tsp Pure Vanilla Extract

Organic maple syrup

¼ tsp of Stevia or Xylitol so you can use less syrup

Raw nuts and berries

Almond Butter

Whey protein

With a blender: Blend the dry oats, on med until powdered, add eggs and banana on low and mix until thoroughly blended. Make sure you don’t blend too fast or you will froth the eggs.

Or, without a blender: Mash the banana in a bowl, add the eggs and continue to blend with a fork and then add the oats as you continue to blend…

Add coconut oil to a pan, on medium heat. The pan is ready when a drop of water dances on the pan. Pour mixture into pan and wait until you see a few bubbles in pancake and it’s brown on bottom, Flip and cook until done. I like mine crispy!

I like to add nuts to the mix and top with almond butter and berries, then drizzle with organic maple syrup. I wash it down with an organic non-denatured whey protein drink for extra protein before my workout!

Try it out and create your own custom blend!

Eat Right, Train Hard and Live Life to the Fullest!

Much Love and Aloha,

~ Jason ~


Diet Myth #3.8 – I Need to Starve Myself to Burn Fat


Wrong! Your body is the master compensator. When you drastically cut calories, your body goes into survival mode and slows down your metabolism. Yes, as crazy as it sounds, that’s what it does because your body’s first priority is survival. Also, if you just cut calories but don’t focus on nutrient dense, well-balanced meals, you also end up loosing muscle. The amount of muscle on your body is one of the main factors that determines your metabolism (how many calories you burn). So, if you end up losing muscle then you lower your metabolism. This can be a disastrous combo of losing muscle and damaging your metabolism. 

This is one of the main reasons that people rebound after a “diet”. They loose “scale weight” but don’t realize that a lot of it was muscle and for the reasons listed above, lowered and perhaps even damaged their metabolism. So when they resume eating normal again, their body regains the fat and sometimes even more…Summer Body Now Body Comp

It is very important to know your body composition and body fat percentage before you start any dietary change to reduce your weight. You need to focus on well-balanced and nutrient dense meals, evenly spaced throughout the day. Make sure you take measurements and use the mirror more than the scale. This is where a coach can save you a ton of time and frustration because they can get you started on a personal plan that is as unique as you are…