Intense physical exertion can be a portal to other dimensions

I’ve been a wellness coach and an adventure guide for almost three decades and have taken myself and my clients to some pretty amazing and extreme places… Whether it’s biking up #Haleakala crater in #Maui, climbing #Kilimanjaro or maybe just an intense set of hill sprints at the park, like I did this morning; All of these have the ability to increase the threshold of your human #performance, but also take you to places that most people will never see. I’m not just talking about pretty views, I’m talking about #portals to other #dimensions.
You are made up of #atoms (something I think we can all agree on) and atoms are vortexes of pure energy and #limitless #potential. ⚛️
These little atoms can build everything from rocks to the squishy stuff inside your body, like your liver or your brain…
Let’s go back to our #science and #physics books in grade school. Atoms, you see are 99.99999 percent #space and pure #energy, yet a very, very miniscule amount of so-called “mass”.
In fact, those #electrons that we saw in our textbooks as a nice little black dot, have never been seen. We have evidence that they exist, so we gave them a name… Those little electrons don’t travel around in neat little circles like they did in our textbooks, they exist anywhere at any time inside that atom. They exist in pure potentiality (superposition of several eigenstates) and the only time that they seem to appear as a particle is when we observe them (collapsing the wave function).
Again, they seem to exist as a pure energy wave and only appear as a particle upon observation…
Pause here for a moment (or a week) and think about that.
These pure little energy #vortexes (atoms) are what you are made of…
Many physicists believe that these little energy vortexes inside of our body contain miniature black holes that are portals to other #dimensions… I have traveled through some of these portals in deep, deep meditative states. Although there is another way that I have activated them and also helped some of my clients do the same. I’ve noticed, over the years that taking my body to physical extremes, such as climbing a very high altitude Mountain with very little oxygen and or intense exercise that literally pushes my body beyond what most humans think they can do, puts me in what I can best describe as a hyper gamma state of existence. Kind of like when the Road Runner pushes that Anvil off the cliff onto the coyotes head and he is spinning with little birds chirping around his head, lol 🙂 Yes, I see the swirling, I see the stars and the flashes of light, but I literally feel like I’ve got one foot in this Dimension and one foot Beyond the Veil… This feeling can last for several hours or if I’m in a remote location like Kilimanjaro or the savannahs of Africa, it can last for days until it’s interrupted. I also, always notice that this is like leveling up in my spirituality. After these experiences, everything in my physical world changes, just a little bit. My meditations get more intense and I find that it is easier to drop into walking and awakened deep states of #meditation 🕉️.
Long story short, I have found that taking your body to #extreme states of physical exhaustion through physical exertion can lead to some pretty epic spiritual experiences…
There are many, many tools out there for experiencing your energetic body, this is just one of them that I have found to be extremely profound for me.
Keep looking, keep searching, the journey is amazing, we have #magicalbodies and live in a magical world!

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