I had the most amazing, healing meditation today

Up early, at the gym, waiting for my client to arrive. 30 minutes later, I realized that they probably slept through their alarm, which usually means they were catching up on some much-needed rest. Expensive rest, but much-needed 🙂
I had already stretched and did a few exercises, but lately, I haven’t been very motivated to be in the gym. I have been more motivated to be outside, in nature. With this in mind, I left the gym and headed for a short drive up to the mountains by my home for a hike up to one of my favorite small Mountain Lakes. The closer I got to the trailhead, the more intense my emotions became as though I couldn’t get to that Lake soon enough!
As I started the hike, I could feel an intense energy overcome me and I literally felt as though I was walking into another dimension. I felt as though I was a piece of silly putty and some larger Force was molding me and folding me inside out, again and again and again. The further up the trail, the more intense this emotion and feeling, as I just went with it, without judgment and fully enjoyed this amazing, feeling and moment in time.
As I got up to the lake, I found my favorite bench in the shade, overlooking the lake and was excited that no one was there and even more interesting, there seemed to be almost no one else on the trail or around, making it extra peaceful and quiet this morning.
As I sat on the bench, I dropped, almost immediately into a deep state of relaxation and my mind started to travel beyond this dimension.
At one point during my meditation as I was just observing Energies swirling as I drifted through the cosmos, I saw a vision as though I was looking through my eyes and I could see my hands touching someone else’s forearms in front of me.
I was gently holding energy points on their forearms and helping them learn to circulate their Chi. After sometime of watching the energy circulate into a Vortex between our arms, I realized that I was actually working on myself and that both of these figures in my vision wear me! (Years ago, after my divorce, I developed some emotional blocks in my forearms that were very debilitating. I was told by several wise Souls that it was from, the feeling of failure and not being able to hold on to my children).

At that exact moment, I heard a small russel in the leaves of the scrub oak tree behind me and heard something bounce off two branches before leaping from the tree and hitting me on top of the head, lol!
while still in my meditation, I smiled ear-to-ear and had comical visions of Isaac Newton sitting under the apple tree. As I gently came out of my meditation I looked up and around me and realized that there were no trees above my head and that the small Oak that this Acorn had come from was several feet behind me, so that Acorn had to bounce twice on different branches and then leap off the tree perfectly to hit me square on top of the head!
At that point I opened my eyes to realize where I was, because normally during meditations in nature, I check out so completely that I forget where I am and when I come back it’s like I’m Awakening into a whole new experience. As I looked behind me to the tree, I noticed a large granite rock, sitting under the tree, almost begging me to come sit on it. With a complete childlike Joy, literally like a kid playing by the lake, I went back and sat on Top of the Rock in the shade, overlooking the lake. At this point, I closed my eyes and literally felt a motherly like love from this huge granite rock, like Mother Earth was giving me a hug and welcoming me back, like she had missed me deeply.
I quickly, dropped into another deep state of euphoria that could have lasted hours or minutes, I don’t know. All of the sudden, a bird started chirping. A bird that I have never heard before up there. Its chirp actually turned into what sounded like a tone, with a steady beat, almost like the steady ping coming from a submarine. as I sat deeply drifting in my meditation, observing the waves of energy pulsing throughout my body, it appeared and sounded as though that steady beacon was coming from deep inside my head at the base of my brain. It’s as though that Beacon was sending a steady signal to all of my cells in my body to wake up and deeper signals that I couldn’t fully understand as it traveled into my past and was healing a dormant part of me that I had suppressed long long ago. As I just sat and internally observed this shift, I could see that a deeper part of me had just been healed. I didn’t ask what it was, I just sent it love and let it slowly drift away as that space was then filled with this deep, nurturing love from Mother Earth.
As I slowly came back into my body and awareness of the beauty around me, I walked back to the bench where my water bottle was sitting and noticed the crown of the acorn sitting perfectly, right next to my water bottle. As I picked it up and looked at it, I noticed that it resembled the crown of Buddha…
Hmm, he’s been showing up a lot for me lately…
As I picked up the acorn top and descended down the trail, it served as a gentle reminder that many of the obstacles that are holding us back in life are suppressed emotions that we hold in our body. and also as a deep reminder that we don’t need to hold this emotional baggage and we have the ability to heal ourselves and:

Let that shit go!✨💜

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