Stress and your breathing…

Stress has its uses and is what actually causes our genome to adapt, evolve and get stronger!
Although, we’re not meant to remain in the state of chronic stress…
Our amazing and magical body is designed for balance and thrives when it is in homeostasis (a state of balance)…
Our autonomic nervous system is amazing and unbelievably efficient at keeping us safe and managing literally thousands of chemical reactions in the Split Second when we need it. The challenge is, it’s designed to turn on when we need it and off when we don’t. Chronic stress is behind virtually every imbalance and disease in humanity. This happens when our sympathetic nervous system turns on and never actually turns completely off. As opposed to a light switch, we treat it like a rheostat that is always on, just at different varying degrees… Our sympathetic nervous system turns on when an event happens and stays on as long as we keep thinking about that event and often never really gets turned off because we encounter another event that we feel is threatening or we keep imagining threatening events and stay in a state of drama… There are many reasons for this and I find, that often, just explaining these processes to my clients helps them calm down and realize that 95% of their stress is purely in their mind.
We need to remember that a small amount of stress can be okay but living in a state of constant stress keeps our body in a constant state of reaction and breakdown as opposed to rest and healing.
When you feel stressed, take a few minutes to close your eyes, calm down and gently breathe through your nose, to the base of your stomach. This will actually send a signal to your central nervous system that you are not in danger and help relax your body. Give it a try, throughout the day and you will be amazed how much better you will feel. 💜✨🕉️

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