You Really Are, What you Eat (And Think)…


The body is an amazing miracle! It completely takes care of itself, as long as we water and feed it daily. We don’t have to think mms566about breathing, digestion, blood circulation or any of the other thousands of things our body does every minute to keep us alive. It’s truly amazing if you think about it! We can’t even fathom the amount of cellular actions that go on inside of us every minute. Our cells are constantly regenerating and replicating themselves while we remain totally ignorant of it.

Muscle cells regenerate themselves about every 90 days while taste buds every few hours. Every cell has it’s own lifespan and it regenerates itself before the old one dies and is eliminated through our system. Your entire body (except for certain brain and nerve tissues) is said to regenerate every 7 years!

youarewhatyoueatHave you ever wondered what these cells are made of? We supply them with the necessary nutrients daily by what we eat. Yeah, you really are what you eat. We tend to take our cells for granted and forget that they are built and therefore, we are built, from what we eat daily. Yes, a large amount of what we eat is burned as fuel and energy for our body and some is stored but a portion of it actually becomes you. So think about that the next time you reach for a snack or fast food. What you put in your mouth is what your body uses to rebuild itself. Yes, part of that doughnut will become part of you at the cellular level. Do you have a doughnut brain or doughnut muscles?doughnut-girl

Another part of this story that many people don’t think about is our subconscious’s role in this process. I will talk more about your subconscious in a later article but keep in mind “you are what you think” just as much as “you are what you eat”.

Your cells don’t judge, they just regenerate using the building blocks that you supply and the chemical messages that they receive. Chemical messages? Yes, your subconscious is like a program on your computer that is always running in the background. Your body responds to your subconscious more than your conscious mind.

self-talk-head-1Have you ever let an outside experience “make you” feel like crap? Have you ever let an outside experience make you feel great? Have you ever felt under the weather and then found out something awesome and immediately felt better? Stress is one of the best examples of this. When you completely stress out or spend a long amount of time under serious stress it completely exhausts you and can cause some pretty serious physical challenges, even though nothing has actually happened to you physically. Nothing outside of you has actually hurt you but the stress alone can cause serious health issues because your body thinks it’s not safe and is constantly releasing stress hormones, as if it is in Danger! This is all in your mind and wreaking havoc inside your body. This is all happening because of the quality of your thoughts. And the quality of those thoughts are programming your subconscious mind, which is in turn programming your body to respond as though something is actually happening to you! So, if you think about it, the same thing is happening every time your cells rejuvenate. Are you subconsciously telling your body that it is getting older and weaker or younger and stronger? Remember, your body responds to your thoughtsEnjoy Life Jason Latas and will rebuild itself constantly based upon the picture of yourself that you hold in your mind.

Don’t forget to dream, play with your kids, walk the dog, play music, go for a hike, de-stress and get into
your groove daily. It is important to be young inside if you want to be young on the outside. the subconscious is constantly being programmed by your beliefs and belief systems. Your subconscious has a great influence on how your body operates, every second

“What thoughts are constantly playing in the background of your subconscious mind? Are they thoughts that empower you or break you down?”

“Do your thoughts and self talk keep you hostage to the pain of your past or propel you into your desired future?”

Remember, a Healthy Diet and Healthy Mind make a Happy and Healthy You!


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